Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines for Oral Presentation

The Program Committee of the 20th International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) would like to sincerely thank all the speakers and authors who have submitted their abstracts for presentation. To ensure that your work can be shared effectively, we would like to ask you to notice the following guidelines.

1. General Introduction

  • 1) We highly recommend all oral presenters to SUBMIT the presentation files via at Abstract Submission Page by 30 September 2018.
  • 2) Presenters should visit the Preview Room at least before a day of your presentation schedule so that they have to check or upload their files. All symposium members have to arrive 15 minutes early at your Conference Room in which their presentation is scheduled to let the chairs know they are present. Presenters should sit near the front of the room so the transition from one presentation to the next takes very little time.
  • 3) Oral presentations should contain: introduction, objectives, methods, results, conclusions/implications. Objectives should be clearly stated. Avoid unnecessary detail in methods unless the methodology is the central topic of your talk. Primarily discuss the results and conclusions. Conclusions should relate back to objectives.
  • 4) Session rooms will be equipped with a computer (IBM provided only,not Mac) running Windows with MS Office 2010 and Windows Media Player, an overhead projector and a microphone. We DO NOT recommend using your own laptop computer for your presentation to avoid problems with computer-projector compatibility and to save time that would otherwise be needed for changing connections.

2. Presentation Time

  • 1) Presentations are scheduled in 20-minute blocks. Two things must happen during this block:
    Allotted Time Time
    Presentation 15 min.
    Q&A 5 min.

    (Attendees should feel free to change rooms during the last 2 minutes of the question and answer period.)

    * The Chairs will be asked to leave the podium at 20 minutes.

  • 2) Please be sure to keep to the allotted presentation time in consideration of the next speaker. Presentations must start and end on time, no exceptions, because they are coordinated with all other concurrent sessions.
  • 3) You will be responsible for controlling/advancing your slides during yourself.

3. Presentation Material Format

  • 1) Power Point is the only medium acceptable for visual aid.
  • 2) Use a standard font such as Times New Roman, Arial or Tahoma which will be included on the session room computers. If you use any special or unique fonts, your presentation may not appear correctly using the session room computers. Please submit the special fonts with your file to the Preview Room in advance.
  • 3) When you make your ppt file, please set the screen ratio as 4:3, A4 Size
  • 4) Bring your video files in WMW, MPEG or AVI format with your final presentation in case you have any video in your presentation.

4. Submitting the Presentation File

  • 1) Please save your work as the following file name:

    Symposium No._OrganizerName_Your Presentation Order_Your Name.

    For example: S1_Jason Park_Speaker 1_Jason Park

    *To find your presentation number and time, go to “Scientific Program” of the official website and search for your presentation.

    Click here to Scientific Program

  • 2) ) If you are having trouble sending your presentation by e-mail, or are concerned about whether it was received, please submit your presentation file at Preview Room (C252, 2F, Convention Hall) no later than the day before your talk. An A/V staff will assist you to upload your presentation file at the preview room.

5. Preview Room Operating Hours

  • 1) Please be sure that your presentation file works properly, especially be sure to have links set up appropriately for any videos. You may test your presentation on the conference computer system.
    Date Time Place
    2 Nov (Fri) 14:00-17:00 C252
    2F, Convention Hall,
    3 Nov (Sat) ~ 6 Nov (Tue) 08:00-17:00